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How does it work? PDF Print E-mail

During intervals in the presentation, there will be questions displayed on the screen. After each question and possible answer choices have been read, participants will be instructed to enter their answer. When using an audio countdown timer, the music will begin. Or, if a countdown timer is being used, the timer will start.

If keypads are assigned by an individual, information will be gathered by that individual.

Participants will have a determined amount of time, which you may choose, to enter the answer.

All responses should be entered quickly before the music, or timer, stops. If the response is not entered before the music or timer stops, the computer will not receive the answer.

After being presented, all the participant's responses input on their keypad, each keypad sends an independent signal to the computer. All the signals are gathered, sorted and compiled by the computer.

Answers can be changed. Just press the button of the new selection and it will overwrite the previous answer. Remember, this must be done within the allotted time or it doesn’t count.

If a participant doesn’t answer, it’s counted as a wrong answer.