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credit-cardsThe JRS Wireless Audience Response System

JRS Wireless Audience Response Systems provide advantages you’ll find in no other wireless audience response systems. We use radio frequency (RF) to exchange data between the keypads and the system controller. Wireless systems are much easier to set up and, as necessary, move from location to location. These systems are inherently more reliable since these devices do not depend on a maze of cables and connectors. JRS sets up in a fraction of the time required by competitive products. Setting up meeting areas with wired products means installing and securing a multitude of cables. JRS users enjoy unequaled flexibility. It is possible to walk about the room, transmit through or around tables, and move the pad about a work area while remaining linked to the presentation at all times.

Competitive advantage:
  • JRS offers the freedom to move. Wired systems are ‘tethered’ to a fixed location. The radio design of our system offers superior capacity.

Competitive advantage:

  • JRS is scalable out of the box. Wired systems are limited in capacity-per-controller and capacity-per-site.
  • JRS offers outstanding performance. Responses can be processed in under 3 seconds. Additionally, this processing time decreases even more when group sizes are smaller.
  • JRS is fast and accurate. It offers “instant” response with no perceptible delays when viewed side-by-side with wired systems. JRS keypads operate and communicate with the system controller independent of each other.

Competitive advantage:

  • JRS is robust. Wired systems incorporate intermediary devices (junction boxes, repeaters, and even other pads!) that may jeopardize the function of groups of keypads when malfunctioning.
  • The JRS system, a patented two-way communication, ensures that all responses transmitted by keypads are positively acknowledged as “received” by the system controller.